Question... what are you doing for your birthday this year? Answer... literally anything is better than what I did last year.

So many of us had crappy birthdays in 2020, but us Aries folks really had the worst. The world was legit shut down our entire birthday season.

We did nothing.

Especially if you were lucky enough to also have COVID on your birthday.

Enough about me... just kidding this list will be about me. But about you, too!

Here are 34 reasons our birthdays will all be awesome this year.

If you don't believe I can come up with 34 different reasons, you must not know me very well.

  1. Restaurants are open. You can eat at one on your birthday.
  2. Gyms are open, you can get your sweat on for your birthday.
  3. You can (most likely) see your parents, they've likely been vaccinated by now.
  4. You can get vaccinated if you want.
  5. You can go to work and have people tell you 'Happy Birthday,' in person.
  6. You can instead choose to take the day off, instead of just having to stay home.
  7. More than one Starbucks is open in Rockford so you can get your free drink without waiting in an hour long line.
  8. When someone asks, 'what do you want for your birthday?' You can answer with something other than, 'to get out of quarantine.'
  9. You can buy yourself new clothes for your birthday and someone will probably see you in person in the outfit.
  10. You can go to brunch with your friends, all of your friends.
  11. It's probably not going to snow (which has nothing to do with COVID but it snowed on my birthday last year).
  12. Someone can buy you Cubs tickets because fans are allowed in the stands!
  13. Someone can buy you concert tickets because Lady Gaga is playing at Wrigley this summer.
  14. You can go to the chiropractor, because they're open, too.
  15. There's not a shortage of toilet paper.
  16. There's not a shortage of eggs.
  17. You can get your hair cut before your birthday.
  18. You can get your nails done.
  19. You can schedule a massage and a facial.
  20. Dressing rooms are open at the mall to try on that new birthday outfit.
  21. Your grandma learned how to Facetime in 2020 so now she'll actually look at the screen when she calls.
  22. You can hand someone your phone to take a picture of you instead of just sharing birthday selfies on Instagram.
  23. You can book a trip... on an airplane.
  24. If you want to stay home, to-go cocktails are still a thing.
  25. You can test drive a new car.
  26. Maybe you want to sign up for an in-person 5K to celebrate, those exist again.
  27. You can visit a local museum.
  28. You can walk inside McDonald's.
  29. You can spend that stimulus check you saved earlier this year.
  30. You can go to the movies.
  31. You can subscribe to one of the four new streaming services that were invented since your last birthday.
  32. You can laugh in front of another human being.
  33. You can sing karaoke at a bar.
  34. Someone can probably hug you guilt free.

And I'm not even really a big hugger.

Some of these might not apply to you, but when I think back a year ago and I realized how many things I can do for my birthday this year compared to last year, I'm floored at what we all went through and also how it's so nice to realize the simple things that make life happy.

So happy birthday to you and happy birthday to me. I'm 34 today in case you didn't catch that.

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