When times get tough and you're having a hard time "adulting", how many times have you asked yourself, "wouldn't it be great to be a kid again?" And when you ask yourself that, what comes to mind? Responsibility free days filled with naps, Netflix and nothing? Yeah me too.

I'm willing to bet this never came to mind- going all the way back to when you were just a tiny baby, being pushed through this thing called life in the comfort of your baby stroller; not having a care in the world. Your only responsibility is to sit there and  be cute and comfortable.

But how comfortable are strollers, really? Have you ever thought about that when you put your own child in their stroller? Maybe, maybe not. As long as it has a cup holder and a place for your phone and a stand for the iPad, you're pretty much set, right?

Well one Chicago based company, Contour, wants you to see just how comfortable their strollers are for your baby by doing something awesome- they've created an adult sized baby stroller and it's genius.

Who wants a ride? No peek-a-boo or thumb sucking required.