Do you have any irrational fears around the home? One of mine is that there will be a snake in the toilet. I know, it sounds absolutely insane. But I've seen one too many news stories of someone who opens the lid and BAM - snake.

Well, now I also have the fear that i'll find a snake on my front door when I try to leave one day. Why is that my new fear? Because that literally happened to a Chicago couple. They were trapped inside their home after a 4-foot python showed up on their front doorstep.

Kelly Bryant said she woke up one morning last week and found the snake. And being that she's terrified of snakes, her husband called 311 and a contractor working on their home placed a bucket over the snake.

It was 2 hours later when Chicago Animal Care and Control officer finally arrived. Turns out Kelly really had nothing to be afraid of. According to UPI -

Allison Babbitt, owner of Chicago pet store Curious Creatures, said ball pythons are popular pets and are usually very docile. "They are the sweetest, kindest snakes out there. There is no threat of them getting loose and breeding like they do in Florida," Babbitt said. "They will not be able to survive the winter here."

Still, not what you expect on your front door in the morning when you're looking for the morning paper. And this isn't the first time a python was caught around a home in Chicago, let's not forget in 2016 when a woman found one IN HER SHOWER.

I'm never going into my bathroom again. Or opening my front door.

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