Anyone can make a cash bet on football game, but this was no ordinary game, this was the NFC Championship game. The bet was big!

I'll will always regret the day the only San Francisco 49ers fan in the building, asked me to make a wager on the big game. I immediately took the bet. My co-worker's name is Oz, and he's only been with the company for a few months. Since we didn't know each other too well, we decided to take a day or two to come up with the stakes.

I wish he'd never had a discussion with my long-time coworkers about my biggest fears. It didn't take Oz very long to learn that I'm VERY afraid of snakes.

Packers lost.

Time to "pay up."

Bring on the snakes.

No snakes were hurt during the filming of this video. The same cannot be said about Steve's emotional state.

Thank you to Anne, from the Burpee Museum, for providing the nightmare fuel.

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