Remember watching baseball in person? It could be a reality again this year. 

Over the weekend I was talking sports with my parents and realized I pretty much took 2020 off from being a fan. The games were still there on TV, but it just wasn't the same for me.

You might be thinking, how sports-y were you really before, Michelle? And in the lowest level of fandom, I will tell you I wore a Cubs shirt most game days and also actually remembered to change my Fantasy Football player, prior to 2020.

But it's a whole new year and after the Chicago Cubs sent out this email today, we might be able to spend the summer at Wrigley!

Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs

I can't even remember when I put my name on the list to be a season ticket holder, but hearing that there will be OPPORTUNITIES for 2021 is a game changer.

C'mon baseball season! My shirts are ready to be worn!

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