Hey Chicago what do you say... you might want to visit this bathroom in Freeport this summer.

Most of us have a few places that always make us feel positive vibes. Maybe it's your grandparents house, or the restaurant you used to go to as a kid, or maybe, like me it's Wrigley Field.

Cubs Fans Buy Souvenirs As Series Continues
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It's one of the top spots of my entire life and that's likely because for the most part it hasn't changed all that much.

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You walk in, you smell the hot dogs, the stale beer and the opportunity for a Cubbie to him a homer to left field.

Florida Marlins v Chicago Cubs
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I didn't expect the same feeling to come over me when I visited Little Cubs Field in Freeport for the first time, but guess what, it did.

While there was no stale beer smell, everything else truly felt the same magical Wrigley feeling I feel when I step through the Wrigley gates.

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But to my surprise, there was something extra fun for Cubs fans waiting inside the Little Cubs store, in the bathroom. It might sound silly, but I felt the same home-y vibes walking into the bathroom because it reminded me of all of the baseball cards my brothers had when we were growing up.

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I felt like someone took the pages and pages of baseball cards from my brothers' books and glued them on the walls of the bathroom and it made me so happy I had to take a video of it to share with my fellow cubs fans. Have you been to Little Cubs Field yet? You can most definitely hit a homerun into left field.

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