There are a lot of songs you can choose from to play during a baseball game, but one Wrigley Field DJ made a choice that cost him his job.

Sunday night was a rough one for the Cubs. They looked as if they were going to win their game against the Cardinals quickly and easily, but ended the night with a big loss.

That's not the only thing that happened at the game though, an unfortunate mistake occurred in the DJ booth that cost the DJ his job.

When the Cubs took pitcher Aroldis Chapman out of the game, as usual there was music accompanying his exit, but the song that went along with his exit started some social media controversy.

According to the Chicago Tribune,

Chapman served a 30-game suspension with the Yankees this year after an alleged domestic-violence incident in which Chapman was accused of choking his girlfriend and firing eight bullets in his garage. Chapman was not arrested and no charges were filed.

So how is that related to the song choice? The DJ played the song, "Smack My B---- Up" which of course alludes to domestic violence.

Twitter exploded with comments about how inappropriate the song choice was for the pitcher. Though I will add that it's pretty much inappropriate for anyone...

According to the Tribune, Crane Kenney the Cubs President apologized after the game and the DJ who chose the song was fired.