We're celebrating National Vanilla Milkshake Day today with a twist.

That's because while a vanilla milkshake is fine, we usually want more pizazz.

Forget Vanilla! The BEST Milkshake in Illinois is Vegan & Life-Changing

Thankfully, looking for the best milkshake in Illinois, I stumbled across Eat This, Not That's! The Best Milkshake in Every State list.

When I came across their pick for Illinois, I discovered that this milkshake is served in a very small, "tiny" place.

This Tiny Chicago Diner Holds the Secret to the BEST Milkshake in Illinois (and it's Vegan!)

It's so small that Yelp reviewers say it's a reason not to go. Kyle D. said, "Long wait since the place is tiny, and oh yeah, the place is tiny."

If you can live with the long wait and extremely small size of the Chicago Diner, you might be in for what Eat This, Not That!, called the best milkshake in Illinois.



Everyone knows you can get some of the best milkshakes in diners, and The Chicago Diner has mastered the formula for providing one of the best shakes you have ever had. The most impressive aspect is that the entire menu features a hefty variety of vegan options, including their shakes. This eatery makes you forget the lack of dairy by serving up chocolate and peanut butter shakes that leave you converted.

The Chicago Diner is located at 3411 North Halsted Street in Chicago.

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