An entire cafe devoted to marshmallows is coming to Chicago.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Lindzi Shanks and Kathryn Conner recently won the RedEye Big Idea award for their marshmallow cafe, and this summer it's becoming a reality.

The store, XO Marshmallow, is opening this summer in Rogers Park, and the girls behind the store are looking for your help to make it even better.

XO Marshmallow’s Etsy

A Kickstarter campaign begins April 3 and will run through May 15, so you have the chance to contribute to Lindzi and Kathryn's success. They are hoping to raise $6,500.

XO Marshmallow’s Etsy

If you've never had fresh marshmallows, you are missing out! One summer, I took a pastry class in Chicago and we made marshmallows from scratch. I was incredibly impressed with how they turned out.

The ones from the bag are great in hot chocolate, but I promise you'll love homemade ones even more.

You can currently order fresh marshmallows from XO on Etsy.

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