Listen, if you’re planning a trip to the Windy City, aka Chicago, Illinois, you might want to rethink when you're putting on your famous Chicago hot dog.

Let's be real, texting and driving has always been a huge no-no, but that's a given.... I hope.  Traffic is so backed up in Chicago with the amount of commuters headed to work every day.  Sometimes, people sit in traffic for hours and that makes us antsy!  How do we pass time?  By being on our phones.

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Texting and driving isn't the only major issue they have going on in Chicago.  Let's talk about the real controversy: ketchup.

If you didn't see, Heinz started planting billboard vending machines around Chicago where packets of ketchup chute out so you can enjoy it on top of the city's famous Chicago dog.   What a disgrace to this city...

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That sounds pretty normal, right?  Ketchup on a hot dog.  WRONG!

In Chicago, you might as well suggest they put deep dish pizza on a diet.  No joke, try asking for ketchup on your hot dog at a local stand and watch the vendors judge you to no end.  It's not gonna happen!

Ketchup is literally the villain in Chicago’s culinary scene.  If you don't believe me, look what was on a street sign to emphasize the importance of no texting and driving.

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Whether this was photoshopped or the real deal, it's hilarious!

So, next time you're headed into Chicago, remember to not slather your hot dog in ketchup unless you’re looking for a fist fight.  Just try to look like a local, please!

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