I'm honestly a little mad at myself for not seeing this coming. 

It might have been the slow summer news cycle but "Chance the Snapper", the gator caught in Humbolt Park last week, was a national sensation.

It was honestly a little embarrassing that the city of Chicago was paralyzed by a gator that didn't even look like he had fully formed teeth, but it was a fun little distraction for a few days.

Fast forward to this weekend when a man said he had caught a similar gator in the same location.

The police did a little investigating, which included speaking with Frank Robb the guy who caught the original gator, to see if this new story checked out.

It did not.

ChicagoTribune -  ... Robb wasn’t convinced an alligator that appeared so young could have been in the lagoon long, nor did Robb himself find any evidence there was more than one gator in the lagoon ....

Robb "stated that in his professional opinion the animal was juvenile and could not have been in the lagoon for any period of time,” Guglielmi wrote. “Frank Robb further stated that his investigation on scene revealed only one alligator in the lagoon which was the one captured prior to this incident.”

The police decided to arrest the man who filed a false police report. They later released him when they probably figured out he was just an idiot and not a threat to society.

It's amazing what some people will do to get some clicks on the social media. Let's be better folks.

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