In addition to boys and girls both competing for the 'Septemberfest' honor, there will be no winner, just five equal honorees.

This weekend, The Daily Herald announced a huge change coming to a Chicago suburb's yearly scholarship contest.

'Miss Septemberfest,' a contest that has been held for at least the entire time my parents have lived in Schaumburg... over thirty years... has been revamped to include young men in the community and to ditch the crown and sash.

And that's where I am super torn.

You see, in 2006 I was Miss Septemberfest. And it was one of my most favorite weekends ever.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

The program has always been based on community involvement, knowledge of Schaumburg and public personality. That was how you won the title.

Then you spent Labor Day weekend in a dress celebrating the festival and thanking people for coming and showing support to the community.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

The winner and runners-up were also granted college scholarships.

There was no talent, or bathing suit contest or anything remotely objectifying women.

Not only did the program support young women in the community, but it gave us a chance to dive into public presentation and to influence younger girls in Schaumburg.

From the time I was little, I was waiting for my turn to compete for the title. Sure, the pretty dresses were fun to look at, but the idea was, ok, Michelle, if you want to be Miss Septemberfest, you have to figure out how to get there, by serving the community and showing leadership and public speaking skills.

Now, this past year, there was a Septemberfest Ambassador named, a young men who was also offered a scholarship from the program, which seemed like a nice idea for male members of the community to cash in on the college financial assistance the program offered.

Then, boom, this article came out this weekend saying the program has turned into something completely different.

There will now be five members of the 'Septemberfest Court,' young men and young women, with no winning person named, and no waving from the giant float that has been a part of Schaumburg's Labor Day Parade for my entire life.

Nope, this year, the court will march in the parade wearing golf shirts.

The article literally says that, 'golf shirts.'

Am I too close to the subject? Does this seem regular to everyone else?

I'm gonna need your opinion here, please let me know if I am overreacting to this decision, or if you agree it's kind of ridiculous to change the whole tradition of the festival.

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