Chances are you've been to this suburb and spent a lot of money.

Schaumburg was named the 'Best Place to Live in Illinois' by Money magazine, not just me.

But I totally agree.

Each year, Money magazine releases a list of the best places to live in each state, and this year, Illinois picked my fave town as the winner.

Because doesn't everyone love their hometown the most?

Money writes:

Schaumburg holds a firm place in Chicago’s so-called Golden Corridor, a stretch of suburbs northwest of the city that is known as an economic and manufacturing powerhouse. Residents benefit from the town’s resources. You can take in a concert or theater performance at the Prairie Center for the Arts or visit the Trickster Art Gallery. Families will enjoy the Legoland Discovery Center, while shoppers can stroll the Woodfield Mall, one of the largest in the country, and choose from nearly 300 stores and restaurants. And Schaumburg’s district library is one of the largest in the state, with more than a million visitors each year.

I tell you, that library is AMAZING.

It was built when I was in junior high and my friends and I would actually make plans to go hang out at the library, it was that cool. Plus we wanted to play 'Family Feud' on the Internet... because this was like 18 years ago.

While I've never been inside Legoland (it's pretty expensive), it looks awesome from the outside, and I grew up minutes from the Prairie Center for the Arts and have taken that stage many times, all of which have been a blast.

Don't even get me started about Woodfield Mall. It's my favorite place on Earth, which my mom says is because my first trip there was before I was a month old.

Kudos, Schaumburg, I will always love you.

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