You might be sweating your butt off this week, but Christmas is coming and now is the time to get your Polar Express tickets. 

Sometimes all you need to get through a heat wave like we're experiencing this week in Rockford is to think about something cold.

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I'm not talking about a nice glass of ice water, no, I'm talking about a freezing cold snowy day when you take your kids on The Polar Express in Chicago.

You're not feeling so sweaty anymore are you?

The Polar Express Tickets are on Sale

Today is the perfect day to get those tickets! Mostly because it's the first day that the tickets are on sale, but also, like I mentioned, it helps when every pore on your body is sweating.

The train opens at Chicago's Union Station on Sunday December 3 and runs through Monday January 1.

Aside from January 1, the train does not run on Mondays.

After you choose the date you want to ride the train, you'll be asked what time you want to have your ride and then you'll be taken to actually purchase the tickets. 

You can choose which car you want to sit in, each of them have themes like, 'Silver Bell, Glacier Gulch and Caribou Crossing.'

Adult tickets are $80 + fees and children tickets are $72 + fees, children under two ride free with an Adult Guardian.

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Each ticket includes hot chocolate and Walker's Shortbread, holiday activities, a sing-a-long and the First Gift of Christmas.

It's a bit pricey but it might be the perfect way to look forward to the holiday season with your family.

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