I know we all complain about living in Illinois, or Rockford. Sometimes I think that we forget just how close we are to the fantastic city of Chicago. The city just got even better.

Chicago's New Distinction Will Make You Want to Eat Right Now

Chicago has many amazing qualities to love, with one more just added. Chicago has been named the Restaurant City of the Year by Bon Apetit Magazine, as reported in chicagotribune.com. From hot dogs, to bar food, from fine dining to fabulous desserts, Mexican food to MezCal. The city of Chicago does food (and beverages) better than anyone else. And the best part is there's something for everyone's budget.

OK, now I'm so hungry I can't write anymore, my fingers need to be holding a fork. You probably want to make the drive in sooner than later, because you know what isn't far away... "Winter is coming."

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