Last week, Taco Betty's abruptly announced they would be closing on October 30.

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Grab a napkin because it looks like it isn't the end of the road for the folks behind one of Rockford's favorite pastimes. (That sounds weird to say.)

Taco Betty's may have served their last taco in downtown Rockford but it doesn't sound like it's the end of the road for the owners.

Taco Betty's via Facebook
Taco Betty's via Facebook


Multiple credible sources say they're trading tacos for burgers.

Downtown Rockford can likely expect an upscale burger spot that will look completely different from Taco Betty's.

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We could speculate on what to expect from whatever this new hot spot will be but it's too early to do that. What we can assume is it's almost a guarantee the menu will stand out from the rest in downtown Rockford.


The answer is always, yes. You can't have too many burger options, in my opinion.

Another good question is will this be a new trend for the yet-to-be-named former Taco Betty's spot?

Taco Betty's open its doors in 2017 and remained a hot spot until the pandemic and continued to be a local favorite when they reopened.

The thought of rebranding or "a refresher" every 4 years isn't a bad idea. It would become known for being innovative and could lead to possibly relaunching an "old" restaurant that was once a dine-in favorite.


Well, it's likely to be a burger spot that will sit in the same spot as Taco Betty's. The "who" (the name) and the "when" (opening date) are up in the air to speculate over.

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