Queso sounds so good, until you try the queso from Chipotle.

I'm not a big taco or burrito kind of person. So when I go to Chipotle I just get guacamole and chips.

When I heard they were adding queso the menu I was pretty pumped, I can get behind some cheese dip!

Then they released it and eww, no one liked it.

Seriously, no one. Find someone out there who liked the queso dip and send them to me because I have only heard terrible reviews.

Chipotle must've heard too, because they're dumping the current recipe in hopes of bringing some of their customers back with a new queso concoction.

According to Business Insider, the queso was tweaked to be less grainy and more flavorful. And get this - they're testing nachos.

Please, please, please don't mess up the nachos, Chipotle! I feel bad for, you, you're like a girl who keeps accidentally going back to the same loser.

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