Forget the Grammys, multi-platinum singles and advocacy work: Lady Gaga's enduring impact is, according to Christina Aguilera, "I don't know, like, eggs..."

In a preview of an Ellen segment that will air later today (May 16), Ellen Degeneres challenges Xtina to play a special game of Heads Up! in which the clues are exclusively some of The Voice coach's female pop contemporaries. In the clip above, Christina delivers a booming "I Will Always Love You" clue for Whitney Houston, gives a perfectly respectable "Like a Virgin" bit for Madonna and proceeds to shade most of the rest of the acts like a particularly powerful eclipse.

Here is how Christina impersonates:

Katy Perry: *ukulele strumming* (?)
Rihanna: "Work, work, work, I really don't know the words."
Lady Gaga: "Umm," in spoken voice: "Born this way. I don't know, like, eggs."

(While we assume Christina's referring to Gaga's 2011 Grammy Awards entrance, in which Gaga traversed the red carpet from inside a giant shell, there's really no saying for sure...)

Christina also has 11 seconds to perform a Barbara Streisand song but cannot. "We simply choose to forget," indeed.

Impersonations seem to have become a bit of a hobby for Xtina lately — in May 2015, she mimicked the likes of Britney Spears, Cher and Miley Cyrus for a Voice promo.

Watch Xtina steamroll through Heads Up! above, and watch her full Ellen segment later today.

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