We are so close to warmer weather, you can almost taste it. Well I guess you can taste it starting Wednesday May 4 in downtown Rockford.


I mean, I guess you knew that, eventually summer is coming, but I swear it's coming sooner than later.

Just saying, check your forecast... we're looking at 80s next week for at least three days.

But before we get there, we have some fun on our way tomorrow (Wednesday, May 4) in downtown Rockford, the return of Trucks & Tunes on Block 5.

If you don't know, Block 5 is in the grass behind Abreo in downtown Rockford and Trucks & Tunes became a summer staple there last year.

It's back for season two, starting May 4 and will be popping up on the first Wednesday of every month with a fun assortment of food trucks and mobile kitchens. So who's going to be there this week?

      • Main Squeeze Vegan Food Truck



    • Veebos Pizza


  • Ka-bao!



  • Hick's BBQ



  • Taco Shop 815



  • Disco Chicken



  • La Calle Churros



  • VeeDubs Mobile Cocktail Bar



                           Plus you have to have music when you have a party! DJ Freedom Bennett will be there too.




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I love food trucks! Of the listed trucks above I can say I've tried something from Ka-Bao! Veebos Pizza, Hick's BBQ, Taco Shop 815, Disco Chicken and La Calle Churros and VeeDubs... or you know what? I've eaten something from every single one of those food trucks and they were all pretty darn delicious.

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I'm excited to see what cocktails VeeDubs puts together for this event and the upcoming Trucks & Tunes, too!

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