The last week or so has been really hard on me; it feels like my childhood is disappearing and I can't even deal.

First, Toys R Us announced it's closing and now, Claire's (known as Claire's Boutique in my day) is filing for bankruptcy protection.  Sigh.

Claire's was my jam in the 80's and 90's. It's where, like most girls, I got my ears pierced three times, bought my fake eyeglasses to look more mature; got all my accessories for every school dance, filled my caboodle, visited my friends at work and it's even where some of my friends stole for the first time. That ish is memories; and now, it could all be going away.

According to Business Insider, after having to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday, the jewelry store chain announced that it will be closing 92 stores, including these in Illinois:

  • Northfield Square 1600 State Route 50, Room 114, Suite # 114, Bourbonnais, IL 6
  • 133 S. State Street Suite # 133 Chicago, IL
  • 5 North State Street, Suite# 3, Chicago, IL
  • Yorktown Center 203 Yorktown Rd SPC 217, Suite# 217, Lombard, IL
  • White Oaks Mall 2501 W. Wabash Ave. Suite # F-01 Springfield, IL
  • Woodfield Mall 5 Woodfield Mall SPC D204, Suite # G309, Schaumburg, IL

It appears that Rockford's is safe for now; which is more than we can say for shoppers safety, which is currently a much bigger concern.

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