This one is for the ALDI nerds.

That's not a slam by any means, ALDI is so popular there's a huge group on Facebook called "The ALDI Nerd" that get together a talk about their favorite products from their favorite store.

I get it. ALDI is a wonderful and magical place, so it's cool to see them add just a bit more magic to the Rockford area.

Today, ALDI reopened its newly remodeled store at 1545 West Lane in Machesney Park.

The new-look ALDI will feature an improved layout and a ton of refrigeration space for their newly expanded fresh and easy food section.

The store will also have open ceilings, natural lighting, and built completely with environmentally friendly materials.

There's a reason ALDI is known as one of America's fastest-growing retailers. It's because they know a good design when they see one and apparently, ALDI in Machesney Park is no slouch.

There you have it, ALDI Nerd. Now you know what to do this weekend. You should probably check out the new ALDI in Machesney Park.

ALDI is open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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