For the last few weeks we've been hearing a lot about the upcoming total solar eclipse, and it seems like a really bid deal. I mean, it is, but I'm more of a "I'll just wait and see the photos on line" kind of persons, or "if I see it, I see it."

But, I digress, with all the hype, I'd like to avoid the FOMO this year and make an honest attempt at gazing up at the dimmed sky for an entire minute and forty seconds; preferably with proper eye protection.

If you plan on doing the same, be cautious of where you get your solar eclipse glasses. According to Fox 32 Chicago, there is a chance they could be fakes.

Instead of taking your chances with buying special glasses on line, you have the option of getting them free from your local library. You may want to contact them quickly, though, because they've been available since the 4th of July.

Click on the link below to find out where you can get your free, and legit, solar eclipse viewing glasses.

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