A couple weekends ago, while I was at a family reunion in Wisconsin, my adorable grandma had the honor of cutting the cake and passing out the pieces.

Knowing that I'm on a restricted diet, she just assumed that I wouldn't want a piece; bless her heart.

Of course I wanted a piece; who wouldn't want a piece of fluffy, moist cake, with a layer of butter cream frosting in the middle and monstrous, sugary flowers on top?

It was one of the best pieces of cake I have ever eaten; it was so good that I had two pieces...and maybe took some home because we can't get this cake here in Rockford. Nope. To my surprise, my mom, who brought the cake, bought it from her employer, Costco.  When she told me that, I was shook.

So you could imagine how shook I was when I saw the news this morning- according to WIFR, we'll be able to get all the cake, free samples, pallets of tampons and anything you want to buy in bulk at the Costco that's coming to Loves Park next summer.

Costco just applied for a permit to build a store and a gas station in the 7900 block of East Riverside Boulevard, just east of I-90; and the hope is to have it open by next August, with a groundbreaking happening as soon as this September.


This makes the news about Toys R Us closing a little bit easier to swallow.

Now, who else is ready to get a Costco card and unlock a new badge in this game called adulthood?

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