I love pie. It's one of my favorite desserts, and fall is pie prime time.

There's pumpkin, apple, cherry, cranberry, pecan, and so many more. But when you think of fall dessert, you can't help but think of pumpkin pie.

And if you love pumpkin pie, then you NEED to try to Costco's giant 4-pound pumpkin pie. Well, technically speaking, it weighs 3.63 pounds but let's just round up because you know you're going to add like .37 pounds worth of whipped cream. Or at least you should.

Behold the behemoth of a pie -

It's truly a pumpkin lover's dream. The caption details everything you need to know about the pie -

$5.99 for 58 oz of deliciousness!

I mean ... come on! $5.99 for 4 POUNDS OF PIE? You really can't beat that. Now realistically speaking, that's A LOT of pie. So if you can't eat all of it in time, you can totally freeze the rest for later.

So where can you find this deliciousness on your next Costco trip? You can find it back in the bakery section and while you're there, you should totally get the apple strudels. They're amazing.

Im hungry, and I need pie.

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