Crust me when I say I'm very, very happy that this is the most popular pie in Illinois.

At work, we celebrated Pi Day by eating all of our favorite kinds of pies; apple, pecan, cherry, chocolate silk, and my favorite... chicken pot pie.

Yes, I requested chicken pot pie because nobody said it was off limits lol.

There it is, sitting in all its glory!  The champion of pies, so I thought.

We Are Rockford - FB
We Are Rockford - FB

After indulging in all the delicious desserts, I started to wonder which pie the people of Illinois favored the most on Pi Day.

Well, it's definitely not what I expected, but I'm not made at it!

Did You Know Pumpkin Pie Is The Most Popular Pie In Illinois?

According to Tasteofhome, they listed the pie every state is known for and pumpkin pie was Illinois' top choice.

"The pie is loved and baked throughout the United States, but Illinois nabbed it as their official state pie in 2015." [Tasteofhome]



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Honestly, pumpkin pie does put me in a really good mood.

My favorite season is fall, so when I start seeing pumpkin pies popping up at my local grocery stores, I know sweater weather is right around the corner!

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In Wisconsin, their favorite is cranberry pie... the taste I'm getting in my mouth is pretty tarte and I don't like that.  Glad I live in Illinois haha.


For the love of math, I hope your Pi Day was just as amazing as mine. Splurge today and celebrate with some scrumptious pie in your face - your belly will thank you!

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