Any woman who's ever gotten engaged knows the first thing you do is take a picture of that ring on your finger and post it on Facebook stat; you don't even take the time to run it through Instagram. The world needs to know and they need to know now.  But let this serve as a lesson in Facebook engagement announcements - take the time to crop the photo so that all we see is the symbols of your love - you, you're honey and that big; fat rock on your finger.

Or, in this case, I guess you could consider a pregnancy test a symbol of love.

Miranda Levy got engaged this week and she posted a photo on Facebook, with her fiancé, to share the news; but she was in such a rush to post the photo that she accidentally revealed another detail...a box for a pregnancy test was sitting right next to her.

Her friends and family obviously noticed and the questions went on for about 40 minutes until Miranda revealed that "Hey guys, we're having a baby, too."

Congratulations to the happy couple?


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