Don't hold this against me, but I'm not a Cubs fan.

As a Minnesota girl, my heart belongs to the Twins; however, I've been in the state of Illinois long enough to know that Cubs fans love their team so much that they'll do anything to make it to opening day- sit through the rain, sleigh through the snow, or if you're like these two East Moline boys, skip out on school.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Tucker and Gunner Steckman played hooky from school to attend opening day when a photo of them holding up a sign that read, "Skipping school . . . Shhh. Don’t tell Principal Versluis" made it to the hands of MLB...who tweeted it to their 8.3 million followers on Twitter.

Not too long after the photo was taken, Tucker just happened to run guessed it, Principal Versluis. DOH.

To be fair, Principal Versluis was playing hooky from school too, so it was all good. Versluis says, "I didn’t want him to see me either, I’m here with my son, Aiden, who’s in fifth grade and I called out sick for the day!”

Perhaps this awkward, yet very sweet moment, could've been avoided if Tucker just left the sign at home. Way to keep a low profile kid.

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