Regardless of how you feel about clowns now, I'm willing to bet that there was a time that you absolutely loved clowns. Whether it was Ronald McDonald, Bozo, Crusty, or even Homey the Clown from In Living Color; clowns made you laugh and brought you a ton of joy.

It wasn't until you watched Stephen King's It, American Horror Story: Freak Show or had a really bad experience at a circus that they started giving you the creeps. Unfortunately, those feelings are hurting those of a clown who has been loved by kids in the Rockford area for years. Maybe you remember her from when you were a kid?

According to WIFR, Mary Kraynik, known as Pickles the Clown, does tend to see a dip in business around Halloween but all this creepy clownin' has been really bad for business. It's almost heartbreaking.

If you or someone you know have something for Pickles, please reach out to her on her Facebook page; let's show these creepy clowns that bringing joy and love to our kids beats scaring them.