Thanks for watching my first episode of "Cringe or Binge." If you skipped through the video, I've included a recap below.

Santa Clarita Diet is a must binge watch.
I loved it! While the show can be graphic at times, it's witty, smart and hilarious. In it, Drew Barrymore plays a married real estate agent who mysteriously dies and comes back as an "undead." She's not quite a zombie but she's not alive either, but what's keeping her alive is her need to eat fresh, dead people.
Her husband, played by Timothy Olyphant, finds out and is tasked with helping her find fresh meat. Essentially, they become murders.
They are the true definition of relationship goals in this show and if you're a mom who's been struggling between how to be a good mom and a role model without losing sight of who you are then you will definitely enjoy this show.
The best part, there's only 10 episodes and they're only 30 minutes so you can easily squeeze an episode in before bed or knock out 5 hours on a Saturday.

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