Did someone make a typo?

I have so many questions.

The Cubs, along with the rest of the MLB, will ditch their traditional uniforms for nickname jerseys the weekend of August 25 through the 27.

They're calling it, 'Players Weekend,' and the jerseys will have nicknames on the back instead of the player's actual last name.

Ok, so Zobrist is Zorilla. We got that one.

Schwarber is Schwarbs which is actually my favorite... and while I've never heard anyone refer to Anthony Rizzo as Tony, that's what his name will be that weekend.

Now, here's where I feel bad for Jon Lester.

Even if some of the nicknames are dumb... yeah I'm looking at yours Kris Bryant... at least they're nicknames!

Jon Lester's jersey will just say Lester. Does no one like him enough to give him a nickname?

What about Jonny? Or Lesty? Jester? C'mon Cubs, be nice to your teammate, give him a nickname!

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