While everyone has been busy talking about the election this week, you're still thinking about your Chicago Cubs; depending on who you voted for, it's probably the only thing you want to talk about.

And depending on if you were able to go or not, you're most definitely still talking about your memorable experience at their victory rally and parade last Friday, or... you're still kicking yourself for not playing hooky from work to go.

If you didn't go, you can at least feel like you were there with a box of confetti from the festivities.  According to DNA Info, fans are selling small boxes of it on Ebay. You can purchase a box for as little as $10 and spend as much as $100; but be prepared to pay extra if you want to "Buy Now."

Out of curiosity, would this be something you'd be interested in? What would you do with it? Who would you share it with? Could make a nice Christmas gift for that Cubs fan in your life.


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