We've seen some pretty amazing tributes to the Chicago Cubs this year; from parody songs, new songs, highlight videos and the heartfelt messages written on Wrigley Field walls; they've been just as much fun to watch as the actual World Series.

This latest tribute is not only fun to watch, but it is truly unique. According to WGN TV, the production company, "thefourmonkeys", recreated game 7 with Legos; yes, Legos.

The production company began working on this in November and it took them 50 hours to put together.

Now, you might be asking yourself the same thing I did when I saw this, "they make Cubs Legos??" Not exactly. Yes, Legos were used to build the stadium, but OYO Sports mini figures were used for the players.  Can I get a collective, "awwww."

The video is really cool but it would be even cooler if Lego was actually manufacturing a "World Series 2016 Edition."