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Rumors were swirling early this morning about Comcast's new channel which appeared to be Chicago Cubs' Marquee Network and, quite frankly, it's about damn time.

Some TV providers like AT&T and Hulu+ have been carrying the Cubbies' new network while Comcast customers waited (im)patiently for the day to come. The day is finally here, on the first day of the 60-game season for the Chicago Cubs. It feels like we had to wait until the bottom of the ninth, with the tying run on third, and the count at three balls and two strikes. But, alas, a deal has been signed, sealed, and delivered.

Chicago Media machine, Robert Feder reports the details of the multiyear were not disclosed by Comcast or the Cubs, and neither has how much the addition of the network will cost northside Chicago baseball fans.


It’s still not clear how much Comcast will charge subscribers for the addition of Marquee. The monthly fee will be “whatever Comcast elects to charge” its customers, Kenney told the Sun-Times.

The bottom line is, unlike DISH, YoutubeTV, and Sling TV subscribers, Comcast customers can root-root-root for the Cubbies on tv on channel 202.

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