With a World Series Championship behind them, 'Try Not to Suck' just doesn't make sense anymore.

About a year ago we started seeing those 'Try Not to Suck,' t-shirts. Last April my mom got me one for my birthday and I was so excited!

Well, until I went to the game in the summer and saw 'Try Not to Suck' tank tops... I still love you mom, but you know I have a big love for tank tops.

Since the Cubs won the World Series, they are in need of a new slogan, and manager Joe Maddon is already taking care of it.

The 2017 slogan will be... 'That's Cub.'

I know, every time I read that I just hear Paris Hilton saying, 'that's hot.'

While it might not appear to be the best slogan, I know in a few months I will love it and probably a tank top with the new slogan. A tank top... not a t-shirt.

According to NBC 5, this slogan got started in the minors almost five years ago, so while it's new to the fans, the players are well aware of the meaning.

Maddon also said "it's important to be uncomfortable," which I think I like better for a Cubs shirt.

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