We love the Chicago Cubs, but we aren't loving what's going on with their hair at Spring Training.

Back in October, I was stressing out about fitting Cubs game in my TV watching schedule, but now I'm itching for them to come back!

Spring Training has begun in Arizona, and thanks to our favorite Cubbies' love for Instagram, we are getting a look behind the scenes.

The baseball looks good... but the hair does not.

First, Anthony Rizzo looks like my brother in seventh grade. Rizz, get your hair cut before opening day ok? Your newlywed bestie Kris Bryant could use a trim too.

Then we move on to Javy, who has recently debuted new golden locks. You are a great baseball player, Javy, but you're not Eminem. Please go back to your regularly scheduled hair color.

Really though, do whatever you want with your hair. We just want another championship!

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