This Culver's employee is giving new meaning to "dinner and a show."

Which Culver's location this video was taken is unknown but we do know that we absolutely love this kind of service.

The video, posted on Reddit, shows a Culver's employee handing food over to a customer in the drive-thru lane and followed it up with a pretty impressive flip.

The video did offer some very interesting comments.

Judging this is a Culvers and going by my personal experience. He is a theater or band kid. From the Culvers I have gone to and my high school that is where all those kids work.
This is wildly accurate
Personally, I never noticed, but maybe there is something to those comments. In my own experience, "theater and band kids" are usually the nicest kids.
The same kids I would love to have to take my food order, bring it out, and then do a flip back into the restaurant.
This comment might describe why Culver's is such a popular work destination.
Probably because Culver's have a reputation as being really good to their employees and having decent pay rates, also being very accepting of people of all colors, backgrounds and orientations.
Good on Culver's. If I could do a front flip to show them how much I approve of their hiring practices, I would.
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