What says "I love you" more than a butter burger and a concrete?

This picture is making the rounds on social media today.

First of all, congrats to April and RJ. I'm assuming she said yes. Here's to these two love birds finding the elusive treasure that is holy matrimony.

I'm not sure where this picture was taken but judging by the context clues, it pretty much has to be Wisconsin.

Did you know that Wisconsin has more Culver's than any other state? You probably didn't know that but could have guessed it. There might be a Culver's inside the state capitol.

Joe Dredge
Joe Dredge

Then there's the Packers jersey. The preferred garment of any discerning Wisconsin male. He could have gone with his Favre or Rodgers jersey but thought that this special moment deserved his best jersey so he broke out the classic Ray Nitschke jersey for the occasion. Very nice.


I have a lot of questions about this couple. Why Culver's? Did you both work there? Did you meet there? Do you go there every Wednesday for a patty melt and a scoop of the flavor of the day? Did you just google "Wisconsin landmarks" and went to the nearest Culver's? Did Culver's charge anything for the customized sign? How long did they leave that sign up? Did the Cracker Barrel turn you down? Do they ever go to supper clubs? How many Packer jerseys does that guy own?

I literally have about 200 more questions but for the sake of the reader, I'll stop there.

One thing I can guarantee is that this wedding is going to be an EVENT. You don't propose in a Packers jersey outside of a Culver's and NOT have an insane wedding. If you're invited to this wedding and need a "plus one" give me a call, I'll pay for the dinner.

P.S. The most underrated Culver's ice cream  custard flavor is Chocolate Éclair. Everyone sleeps on that one.

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