A recent 'Best Regional Fast Food Chain' list was released and the victors for Illinois and Wisconsin should come as no surprise.

Mashed took into account a handful of categories for which the restaurants on their 'Best Regional Fast Food Chains In Every State' list,

The regional fast food chains we explore here have personality, quirks, and often, delicious food you can't get anywhere else in the U.S.

For Illinois, with the size of the state and Chicago alone, there are a lot of solid contenders but only can reign at the #1 spot.

Beef-a-Roo is are no surprise for Illinois and much deserved.

The details of this Wisconsin chain give a little history about the businesses that you might not know about.

Wisconsin road sign
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

The regional chain that took the top spot in Wisconsin was started by a couple who originally owned an A&W franchise, which I never knew.

George and Ruther Culver opened their very own fast food joint in the small village of Sauk City back in 1984. The village is no bigger than just shy of 4,000 residents.

Rockford Area Culver's Suddenly Removes Pretzel Bites From It's Menu
Credit: Google Streetview

Anyone who has been to a Culver's more than once knows three things:

  • Their menu is alluring.
  • Their butterburger is always mouthwatering.
  • Two words: cheese curds.

Northern Illinois is lucky to have two of America's best regional fast-food chains in the area. If fast food isn't your style there's no doubt you will find the food you love.

Check out Mashed's list of 'Best Regional Fast Food Chain in Every State' here.

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