What do you need after a Chicago Bears game? Bacon wrapped potatoes of course, and you can get them just a few blocks away from Soldier Field. 

While some Bears fans are concerned about how many yards Justin Fields is going to have in Fantasy Football this season, other fans are concerned about where they can eat after a Bears game.

I used to play Fantasy Football, now I'm more of an appetizer connoisseur.

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For the past 10 years or so, I've been going to one Chicago Bears game a season, in December as part of my brother's tailgate experience.

We get a big bus, pack it with food, drinks and Bears fans and head to Solider Field way earlier than we should.

We eat, drink and freeze before the game. Then we go to the game and cheer on the players, and then we return to the bus, eat, drink and go home.

It wasn't until I went to a preseason game with my friend a few weeks ago that I started thinking about eating and drinking around the Bears game instead of inside a bus.

Without the bus, we had to actually buy food and find somewhere to hang after the game.

Thanks to Google, we managed to find a Bears bar not too far away from Solider Field, Weather Mark Tavern.

We saw a ton of blue and orange when we walked in, so we figured it was a good place to order appetizers and drinks.

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The standout on the menu? Bacon wrapped potatoes.


At first, you're like, sure, yeah, bacon wrapped potatoes. Then you realize you've never seen an appetizer so simply perfect on a menu before.

Not potato skins, not deep fried something or other... just wedged potatoes covered in bacon slices.

And they were as delicious as you'd expect.

Elizabeth used the sour cream, I dipped mine in ketchup.

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