The perfect old-fashioned homemade ice cream shop just revealed a brand new flavor for 815 Day that pays tribute to one of Rockford's greatest treasures.

There have been a few rumors over the last couple of weeks that the flavor creators at one of the area's most-loved ice cream shops was going to be creating a special flavor to celebrate '815 Day' and today, we finally get the details.

August has been a big month for Dairyhaus Ice Cream Shop in Rockton, Illinois. They just shared details of their growing partnership with Rockford Roasting Company.

Celebrate 815 Day with a Brand New Dairyhaus Ice Cream Flavor

Via their Instagram account, Dairtyhaus shared the first photos of their new flavor. And it's the perfect flavor for 815 Day. Paying tribute to one of Rockford's greatest treasures. Take a look at this homemade goodness

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Rockford Peaches and Cream

Dairyhaus Instagram
Dairyhaus Instagram

Nobody does it quite like Dairyhaus. Of course, they made their peach compote from scratch.

Dairyhaus Instagram
Dairyhaus Instagram

It's hard to not grab a fork and just sit with those peaches right there. Here's the most important detail about this new flavor from Rockton's Dairyhaus,

The Rockford Peaches and Cream flavor is available for '815 Day' and throughout the week, as long as it lasts.

Dairyhaus Ice Cream is located at 113 E Main St in downtown Rockton, Illinois. Get in quick to get you some Peaches & Cream.

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