There's one type of driver most of us can't stand and they're all over Illinois.

If driving wasn't so convenient to get places in a timely fashion, I wouldn't have my license at all.  It's not that I have a fear of driving, but it's completely out of our control if someone else is being reckless on the road.


If you're a pretty patient driver and don't try to rush others right when the light turns green, you're the best type of driver.  It's so annoying when someone lays on their horn when they "think" it's clear to go.  Don't let impatient drivers influence how you drive, one wrong move and you could be in a gruesome car accident.

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The worst type of driver in Illinois is the IMPATIENT DRIVER.

Impatient drivers are all over Illinois, especially Rockford.  Maybe it's because I've lived in this city my entire life, but man we have some horrible drivers.

I can't stand those who:

  • weave in and out of traffic
  • the "road ragers"
  • the people who stare you down while at the stoplight because they're mad they missed the light because you were going the speed limit

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With the amount of car accidents I've seen lately, I had to write about impatient people on the roads.  It's just not worth it to be an angry and impatient driver, you'll get to your destination eventually!

If you're an impatient driver, just know I'll drive even slower if you honk, tailgate, or I can see you throwing a tantrum in your car.  Two can play at this game, bud!

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