Not to ruin your day or anything, but I found an interesting list of why your man may cheat during the holidays on eHarmony.

It seems like December is THE month where everyone takes a step back in life and takes stock of their lives. This being said, the holidays remind your man of what he's really missing, thus he may cheat.

Also, your significant other may develop a stray eye because he feels ignored or unappreciated while you're getting everything ready for the holidays. So, while you're running around, making his holidays jolly and bright, he's cheating. How fair is that?

And the last reason why he may cheat is because he doesn't like how he's being treated. Oh poor baby...

Everyone is stressed during the holidays because we're all busy shopping and preparing...I say it's no excuse to cheat.

Here's the article I found. Hopefully it's an eye opener for you and for your significant other..because men are not the only ones who cheat.




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