This is plain nuts!  Give me a break, political correctness gone haywire. School children and teens in DeKalb schools will no longer be able to have any holiday parties.

DeKalb School District 428, according to a published report, will ban any and all holiday parties according to a new handbook that was approved by the DeKalb School Board this past week.

No more Halloween, no more Christmas, no more Easter if your kids attend DeKalb schools.

DeKalb school's superintendent  Doug Moeller said that the new policy is "aimed at treating all students equally". He argues that many students in the district are not able to [participate because of financial difficulties. For example, he argues that Halloween costumes, for example, cost money.

I don't know about you, but when I was growing up, we didn't have money, either. We made our own costumes. This logic, in my opinion, is flawed and sad.

The report also goes on to say

Superintendent Doug Moeller says the policy is aimed at treating all students equally, noting the holidays of some cultures were never acknowledged in the past.


Welcome to school in DeKalb, where no fun is allowed. What's next, school dances, recess and field trips?






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