Other than lunch time being the best part of our school day, there's one other thing in Illinois schools I know we all miss dearly.  Get ready for the ultimate nostalgia.

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You know you're old when you remember chalkboards, cursive writing, and wall pencil sharpeners.  All of these are basically extinct in schools now with all the new technology students have access to.


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When I was in grade school... like 2007... I remember getting my very own dictionary that seemed like a thousand pounds.

Now, students can just do a quick Google search from their laptops provided by their schools.  MUST BE NICE! THE LUXURY!!!


I also remember the best part of being in the classroom - movie time!

You’re Pretty Old If You Remember Rolling Tv Carts in Illinois Schools

The moment your teacher wheeled in the rolling TV cart, that's when you knew the lights were going off, you could put your head down without the teacher seeing, and we didn't have to learn anything for the rest of the day.

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"Now, with the increased use of SMART Boards and projectors, kids will never know the sweet, sweet feeling of waiting for the teacher to pop in a Magic School Bus VHS." [redbookmag]

Even though Lisa Frank folders, projectors with plastic sheets and others staples of 90s education aren't around this day in age, they'll always live on in our hearts... and on eBay for triple the price.

What do you remember from grade school that isn't really used in schools anymore?

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