In case you missed it, the Chicago Cubs were back at the White House yesterday (Wednesday, June 28th) for an informal meeting with President Donald Trump.

Todd Rickets, the team's co-owner, has close ties to the Trump family and set up the meeting while they were in town to play the Nationals.

While they were there, there were a few Kodak moments, obviously, and one in particular caught the attention of the Daily Mail; who according to the Chicago Sun Times, had "erroneously turned the Cubs’ young center fielder," Albert Almora Jr, into a young and dumb player who was giving the President the finger.

The Chicago Sun Times tweeted the photo, which clearly shows that Almora Jr was NOT giving Trump the finger.

If you look closely, it's pretty clear that he has two fingers out of his pants pocket; not just the bird.

People need to calm down and have faith in the Cubs. These are the classiest and most respectful guys in the game; none of them would do that in the Oval Office.

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