Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday- those are my favorite days of the week. You're probably wondering why, and the reason is actually kind of bizarre; but it's days I get to eat red meat.

Because I eat according to my goals (or what most people call "on a diet") I allow myself four ounces of red meat on days that I lift heavy weight for bigger muscle groups- chest, legs, back and brunch. Yes, brunch. Why do you think I love Sundays?

Brunch meat just happens to be my favorite. Guess where you'll find me? The carving station. Nothing puts a smile on my face like watching the blade of a sharp knife cut through a piece of pink, juicy meat like butter. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

On average, I bet I could eat a pound of prime rib; so when I saw that there's a woman who could eat over 22 pounds, in one sitting, you know I was a little envious. Even my boyfriend was.

According to WISN, Molly Schulyer, a competitive eater from California, ate 360 ounces of Ward's Famous Prime Rib, at Ward's House of Prime in Milwaukee, in 45 minutes.

Apparently, her original order was only 224 ounces, but she wanted more....and could still keep eating after 360 ounces. The only thing that kept her from stopping was that she wanted to come back and break her own record.


Just remember, Molly wasn't the first person to break a steak eating record in Wisconsin. John Candy did it best in The Great Outdoors.

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