Mark Zuckerberg sure has been busy these past few days; surely, when he created Facebook more than 10 years ago, he never imagined that his social network would land him in front of 100 senators on Capital Hill.

If anything, it seemed as if Zuckerberg was going to walk away from this entire ordeal unscathed, as his questions from Congress clearly made us all realize that our politicians, regardless of age, had no idea how Facebook even worked.

It's those same politicians who, at some point, received thousands of dollars from the social networking company.

According to The Verge, over the last 12 years, Zuckerberg has spent $7 million in campaign contributions, with $641,685 of that going to several of the senators who are interviewing him this week.

It doesn't seem like a lot on comparison to the amount overall, but the Verve suggested that it was quite the price to pay for the hostility that came his way in the form of question after question regarding Facebook and it's data privacy.

So, who are these senators?

A few of them are from Illinois and Wisconsin and they're names will sound very familiar.

  • Ron Johnson (R-WI), Commerce Committee, $6,000
  • Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Commerce Committee, $3,500
  • Tammy Duckworthy (D-IL), Commerce Committee, $1,000
  • Representative John Shimkus (R-IL), $14,000
  • Representative John Kinzinger (R-IL), $8,500
  • Representative Bobby Rush (D-IL), $3,000

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