I'm just going to start by saying I think Illinois has the least exciting / most basic "iconic pie". When you think pie, you probably think of the classics like blueberry, apple, pumpkin.

The most iconic pie in Illinois is pumpkin pie. Here's why according to TheDailyMeal -

Illinois might be famous for its deep-dish style of pizza that looks like a pie, but the state’s pie of choice is pumpkin pie. The dessert became the official state pie several years ago due to the state’s pumpkin production. A Thanksgiving classic, no holiday gathering would be complete without one.

Now that I've scrolled the rest of the list, I'm kind of mad we didn't get deep dish pizza as our most iconic pie. Especially considering some of the weird pies from other states. Here's some from the list that made Illinois' pumpkin pie look extra boring -

If you're curious, Wisconsin's is cranberry pie. So a little more exciting than pumpkin, but not nearly as interesting as something like white clam pie in Connecticut.

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