I'm not normally a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, however, I've found myself randomly invested in this season. I am usually more drawn to "The Bachelorette" vs "The Bachelor" because nothing makes me laugh harder than silly man drama. The women can get catty, but the men just make me cringe and laugh so hard I cry.

Another thing I love is that the men usually get a lot closer than the women do. They form a brotherhood as for the women who are every woman for themselves. Well, apparently the brotherhood is so strong this season the men are even sharing clothes.

How cute!

Don't believe me? I present to you ...

The Brotherhood of The Traveling Pink Suit Jacket-

Some fans have claimed there's actually TWO pink jackets being shared between the men. That theory honestly makes this whole scenario even better. Other theories about the jacket started to pop up -

Now I'm going to be way too paranoid about this jacket.

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