When you thought Rockford didn't need another dessert shop, a new cookie company is stirring things up in the Stateline!

After Rockford residents got word Crumbl Cookies was opening a location by Portillo's, a new competitor swooped in to steal the spotlight.

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YUM! Rockford Welcomes New Cookie Company To The East Side

Dirty Dough is coming to Rockford sometime in July at 5505 E. State Street, Rockford - over by FLOW! 

No confirmed opening date yet, but we know they're aiming for early July.

Dirty Dough - FB
Dirty Dough - FB

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They make large, gourmet, gooey cookies and believe it's "what's on the inside that counts."  That's why each of their cookies have different fillings inside!

"You won’t find a thicker, softer, more gooey or flavorful cookie than the ones from Dirty Dough. The “Dirty” refers to all of the fillings, mix-ins and layers that go into our special cookie process." [Dirty Dough]


This should be fun - two cookie shops opening soon, which one will you try first?!

Taking a look at their menu, they have single cookies, variety packs, and you can get parties catered with Dirty Dough.  YUM!

"The other guys can focus on making cutesy, clean cookies that look better than they taste. Dirty Dough sells cookies for real life, which can get a little messy. But, it sure is sweet!" [Dirty Dough]

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What are your thoughts on this new cookie company making their way to the Stateline?  I have a feeling Rockfordians will have mixed emotions since everyone had a lot to say about Crumbl Cookies!

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